why is friskies cat food out of stock in 2023

Did Friskies cat food go out of business?

In the letter, Purina said: ?Thank you for contacting the Nestlé Purina PetCare Co. We appreciate you letting us know your concern. We’re sorry to share that our 13-ounce Purina Friskies brand cat food cans have been discontinued

Why is there a shortage of cat food 2022?

As many of you have probably already noticed, the recent COVID pandemic has led to a pet food shortage that could last until 2022. Shortages in raw ingredients, packaging materials, and problems with shipping across the US means that pet food companies are struggling to keep up with the increased deman

Why is Friskies out of stock 2022?

It says, ?Due to unprecedented levels of demand as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak, retailers in some locations may be struggling to meet normal levels of supply and delivery.? Also, when searching for Friskies wet cat food on retailers’ websites, you will find that some of the varieties are out of stock.

Is Friskies having a shortage?

Consumers began noticing the cat food shortage last year. AARP reported in March 2021 that retired seniors were frustrated by national shortages of Fancy Feast, Friskies and 9 Lives cat foods.

Why is PetSmart running out of cat food?

Manufacturers say the shortages are due to pandemic manufacturing shutdowns and a surge in pet adoptions. An employee with PetSmart told FOX 13 that a lot of the companies simply can’t get the ingredients to make the canned foods.

Why is There a Shortage Of Friskies Cat Food? [Causes …

Why is There a Shortage Of Friskies Cat Food? [Causes & Solutions] Friskies is a popular brand of cat food, but it seems as though there has been a shortage on grocery store shelves. This shortage has pet owners wondering what is going on. Some people think there is a recall, but there isn’t. This article explores why this may be and what options you have if you are unable to buy Friskies. Some brands such as the 13-ounce Purina Friskies brand cat food have been discontinued, the entirety of the Friskies cat food is not being discontinued. Instead, the shortage has to do with supply chain issues, severe weather conditions, labor shortage, packaging, and machinery. Finding cat food can be challenging for pet owners right now, especially, when shopping at the grocery store. The shortage has many people flocking to the Internet spreading rumors about the cat food being discontinued, or recalled. This can’t be further from the truth, the last known recall was in June 2011. Unfortunately, the shortage is due to other reasons every pet owner should be aware of. Below are the…

Cat Food Shortage Leaves Pet Owners in a Bind – AARP

Pandemic Cat Food Shortage Has Kitties Meowing Barbara Hengstenberg has had trouble finding specialty cat food for her pet. Courtesy Bill Hengstenberg Debra Bishop feels like she hits the lottery every time she finds Purina Friskies Shreds canned cat food on store shelves for her two rescue cats, 3-year-old siblings Max and Willow. The chicken- and turkey-flavored meals are hard to find these days because of a widespread pet food shortage. Canned cat food — from well-known brands like Fancy Feast, Friskies and 9 Lives — is the most elusive. Several factors are responsible, including pandemic-related manufacturing delays, bad weather, and an uptick in pet ownership and pampering. The situation is reminiscent of last year’s toilet paper sales surge, and the recent shortage of Grape-Nuts that had some fans paying as much as $110 a box through an online black market. Bishop says she often finds herself muttering under her breath as she searches the shelves for something her cats won’t turn their noses up to. “I’m clearly not the only one wondering what their kittens will eat,” says Bishop, 51, who lives in Penfield, New York. “I’ve shared…

Cat owners, rescuers petition Purina over Friskies cans

Cat owners, rescuers petition Purina over Friskies cansCat owners and cat rescuers kicked off the new year with two online petitions asking Nestlé Purina not to discontinue its 13-ounce cans of Purina Friskies products. Launched on January 7, both petitions at Change.org are currently drawing support from cat lovers in and outside the U.S.. On Purina’s website, a simple notice about the discontinuance of Friskies cat food and treats stated: “That thing you’re looking for? It’s been discontinued. Don’t be sad it’s gone, be happy there are so many other things to try!” The move was also confirmed in a letter Purina sent to a customer that was shared online by one of the petitioners. In the letter, Purina said: “Thank you for contacting the Nestlé Purina PetCare Co. We appreciate you letting us know your concern. We’re sorry to share that our 13-ounce Purina Friskies brand cat food cans have been discontinued. This was a difficult decision that was made in an effort to focus on expanding our Friskies varieties in 2020. We are still manufacturing these flavors in our 5.5-ounce can size …” Cat lovers flooding the petition site Unhappy about the decision,…

'Not completely COVID-19's fault': Here's why there's a wet cat …

WPRI.com EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Supply chain issues have been wreaking havoc at stores for some time now, and cat owners are the latest to feel their impact. There’s currently a nationwide shortage of cans of wet cat food, according to Dr. Farbod Farhadi, an associate professor of business at Roger Williams University. “This time, it’s not completely COVID-19’s fault,” Farhadi said. He said the United States is one of the biggest importers of aluminum from China, where a manufacturing plant had to shut down late last year. “There was an accident in one of the — like a major accident — in one of the aluminum production manufacturing factories in China,” Farhadi explained. That accident combined with an increase in pet ownership and a shift by some businesses (like breweries) to using aluminum cans has greatly increased demand and caused the shortage. “People are using more and there’s less production, and then there was that accident in China, so all together caused this shortage,” Farhadi…

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The 2022 cat-food shortage and what to do about it

The 2022 cat-food shortage and what to do about it The 2022 cat-food shortage and what to do about it These photos are from my local grocery-store pet-food aisle. The shelves are almost bare. There are few cat-food brands left, and few flavors and formulations. It’s possible that things are even worse at your local grocery or pet store. What is going on? In this post I’ll review the factors that are affecting cat-food availability in 2022 and what a loving cat guardian can do to safely feed their cats through this difficult time. Why are there cat food shortages in 2022? There are two main factors that are affecting the current availability of cat food, especially canned food: aluminum shortages and ingredient shortages. Aluminum shortage is the bigger problem affecting your ability to buy wet cat food right now, so let’s address that issue first. Aluminum shortages are affecting the wet cat-food business Most wet cat food is packaged in cans. Most of those cans are made from aluminum, although some cat-food manufacturers use steel or tin-coated steel.[1] Demand for…

Is there a shortage on cat food? I usually buy friskies and no …

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Friskies Cat Food – Purina

Friskies Cat Food | Purina Skip To Main Content Due to reduced ingredient availability, Friskies Stuf’d & Sauc’d and Friskies Indoor Dry products are temporarily unavailable. So Many Ways to Friskies! With more than 101 different options, your cat’s mealtime can be more exciting than a bird riding a squirrel in a tiny rodeo.  Explore Friskies Products Friskies Glaz’d & Infuz’d Delicious grill’d pieces and accents of veggies infuz’d in a thick gravy-glaze that sticks to every bite. It’s a meal so amazing, if your cat wore socks, they’d be knocked off.   Your Cat’s Favorite Pages Let Us Cat-ertain You A cat fishing game, a cat name generator, DIY cat toys and more! It IS all fun and games. Give Your Cat More More fun. More flavor. More ways to make your cat happy! Check out all of our goodness. Come Say Hi! Even the most unsociable cats can find something to like on our social media channels.  Stay in Touch Sign up today! From training tips to special offers, get the tools you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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