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What is the fastest way to level up in Star Trek Fleet Command?

The best way to start off in Star Trek: Fleet Command is to focus on the Main Quest since that will give you a lot of EXP. The side quests are also key since you’ll collect more than enough resources and EXP to set you off on a good path

Can you start over in Star Trek Fleet Command?

If you would like to reset your account, go to the top right menu, click “Settings”, “Switch Account”, “Reset Account”. Please be aware that if you do this, all your progress and purchased items will be lost and you will start a fresh game with a new DBID

At what level can your base be attacked in STFC?

Once you reach Operations level 15, you can engage in Station Combat. You can attack other players’ stations and get attacked as well. When another player attacks your Station, they will be fighting against your Defense Platforms, as well as any of your combat ready ships that are currently docked.

What is the strongest ship in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Become one of the strongest Commanders for a shot at earning the ISS Jellyfish – the most powerful ship to date!

Is it worth upgrading the Botany Bay?

You will find out that some upgrades will significantly improve some of its old features like Warp Speed or Protected Cargo. The more you upgrade the ship, the faster you’ll be able to get to those Outposts and the faster you’ll be able to retrieve the data stored there.

Can you get rid of ships in Star Trek Fleet Command?

The Scrapyard allows you to dismantle unused ships and receive valuable resources, including a chance for materials for the next tier of ships! How does it work? Once you reach level 20 you can research and construct the Scrapyard. Scrapping a ship will permanently destroy it.

How many ships can you have in STFC?

A player begins with two ship slots but can get up to 14 (5 initial slots, 6 from promotions + 3 from accolades) through in-game means, or more still by purchasing it from the Zen Store.

What ships can cloak STFC?

Surprise and outmaneuver your opponents with the new Cloaking ability, available for 14 Klingon and Romulan combat ships. You can unlock a ship’s Cloaking ability by acquiring its Ship Cloaking Refit. Ship Cloaking Refit shards are redeemable in the new Ship Cloaking tab of the Refits menu.

What does USS stand for in Star Trek?

The Making of Star Trek explains that USS means “United Space Ship” and that “Enterprise is a member of the Starship Class”.

What is the lowest rank in Starfleet?

Upon graduating Starfleet Academy all enlisted personnel hold this rank. The lowest rank of the enlisted personnel is Crewman 3rd Class (a.k.a. Crewman Recruit). Recruits are only found within Starfleet Academy while personnel undergo training.

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Starfleet Academy coursesA friendly reminder regarding spoilers! At present the expanded Trek universe is in a period of major upheaval with the finale of the Coda miniseries and the continuations of Discovery, Picard and Lower Decks; and the premieres of Prodigy and Strange New Worlds, the advent of new eras in Star Trek Online gaming, as well as other post-56th Anniversary publications such as the new ongoing IDW comic. Therefore, please be courteous to other users who may not be aware of current developments by using the {{spoiler}}, {{spoilers}} or {{majorspoiler}} tags when adding new information from sources less than six months old. Also, please do not include details in the summary bar when editing pages and do not anticipate making additions relating to sources not yet in release. ‘Thank You

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Carnac’s Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command There’s a lot in this update. Four new officers. An event store. A four-month mystery will be solved. Lots of new researches, and prime updates…. Good evening Star Trek Fleet Commanders. Enter my competition for a FREE elite battle pass. The contest ends on Sunday, November 13th at 4 pm… Another month, and another STFC update is here. And thankfully, it’s on the light side in terms of grinding. There’s a new ship, new officers,… Welcome to October. The leaves will start changing, the weather will start to get a little cooler (for those of you in the Northern hemisphere,)… Are you curious how soon you could build that Saladin, Augur, or Enterprise? With this handy, dandy calculator, you now you can know the soonest you could earn that shiny… Enterprise Crew Klingon Patriots Nero’s Crew Blood and Honor Romulan Patriots Section 31 Shakedown Cruise Surveyors & Miners Auxiliary Controls Khan’s Crew Outlaws Starfleet Academy Glory in the Kill Another… The Basics of Star Trek Fleet Command First of all, you’ll need to download the game for either iOS or…

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