online cell phone repair training course in 2023

How do I learn to fix my cell phone?

So In Short How to Learn Cell Phone Repair?

  1. Complete your academic education.
  2. Get familiarized with smartphones.
  3. Enrol into a cell phone repair course.
  4. Buy tools and some dead phones to practice.
  5. Gain experience.
  6. Take assistance from internet.

Which course is best for mobile technician?

DIPLOMA Course in Mobile Repairing (DCMR) . The program covers all the skills required to repair and service all types of mobile handsets. The training here starts from basics and goes up to advanced troubleshooting of hardware and software faults.

What skills do you need to be a mobile device repair technician?

Based on our collection of resume examples for Cell Phone Technician, essential job skills are technical abilities, troubleshooting, customer service, time management, problem solving, and computer competences. Eligible resumes for this position make display of a degree in engineering or electronics.

How do I become a phone software technician?

How to Become a Phone Repair Technician

  1. Step 1: Complete your education and academic studies. …
  2. Step 2: Get Familiarized with All Types of Smartphones. …
  3. Step 3: Join a Mobile Phone Repair Institute. …
  4. Step 4: Buy Some Dead Phones and Tools to Practice On. …
  5. Step 5: Start Working and Gain Experience.

Is mobile repairing course worth it?

You should opt and choose to be a mobile phone/smartphone repairing technician only if the future of the mobile phone repairing industry is bright and rewarding. Many students who do not like to study or drop out of school or college want to learn mobile phone repairing and become a professional technician.

How much money can you make fixing phones?

An typical cell phone repair business might earn between $50 and $65,000 per year, with more earning possibilities as you grow. When you first start a cell phone repair business, you may see a profit margin of 80 to 100%!

How long does it take to learn mobile repairing?

Mobile repairing certificate courses can be pursued in less than 6 months, which will cover basic topics like Software Installation, Basic Repairing, Chip Level Training, etc.

How much does a phone technician earn?

Average Salary for a Cell Phone Technician

Cell Phone Technicians in America make an average salary of $37,102 per year or $18 per hour. The top 10 percent makes over $48,000 per year, while the bottom 10 percent under $28,000 per year.

Cell Phone Repair Training Online Course

Cell Phone Repair Training Online Course Device repair professional Become A Cell Phone Repair Expert Our online cell phone repair training program will teach you how to repair any cell phone even with No Experience! Step 1: Take the Online ClassesYou’ll start by taking the self-paced, online classes and follow along with the device repair videos. Step 2: Pass All Course examsA 70% or better is required to pass all of our exams. If adding WISE™ Certifications you will need to meet their requirements as well. Step 3: Earn Your CertificateYou’ll receive frameable certificates and digital badges to share on your social channels. Where do you want to start Whether you’re just starting or are already on your journey and need to level up your skills, we have all the solutions you need! Level 1 & 2 Repair Training and Coaching Device Repair Essentials Training for Beginner Technicians In this 16 week…

8 Best Websites To Learn Mobile Phone Repair Online for FREE

8 Best Websites To Learn Mobile Phone Repair Online for FREE Nowadays, it takes a lot of time and money to get into a technical field and land a job. However, if you aren’t good at academia or you don’t want to spend so much time and money, you might want to try other avenues. Jobs like being an auto mechanic, or a lab technician just require learning a few basic concepts that you can learn through short or medium-term courses without spending too much. The job of a mobile phone repair technician is one such job. If you are planning to make a career in this field, you could always seek for free resources over the internet along with the training. Hence, we have compiled a list of websites and resources to learn mobile phone repair online for free. One of the best ways to learn mobile phone repair is to go through the several websites that are already teaching it. The advantage of this is you get lots…

Cell Phone Repair Academy

Cell Phone Repair Academy preparation is the key to success Upcoming Schedule TESTIMONIALS CONTACT US preparation is the key to success Start Your Journey Here!~Choose From Two Courses~—————————5 Day Master Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Training: — February 27-March 3, 2023 — —————————5 Day In-Depth Micro-Soldering Training— March 20-24, 2023 ——————————Now Offering Private Classes Click Here for More Info SCROLL DOWN preparation is the key to success Start Your Journey Here!~Choose From Two Courses~—————————5 Day Master Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Training: — February 27-March 3, 2023 — —————————5 Day In-Depth Micro-Soldering Training— March 20-24, 2023 ——————————Now Offering Private Classes Click Here for More Info Cell Phone Repair Academy is now offering two challenging courses to better meet your needs! Our Master Cell Phone & Tablet Repair Training will take you step-by-step through each repair to ensure you are learning the ins and outs of cell phone & tablet repairs. This is a 100% hands-on training that does not require any prerequisite or experience. This curriculum covers basic, intermediate and advanced hardware and software repairs on cell phones & tablets. If you are just beginning or…

REWA Academy: Mobile Phone Repair Training Online Course

Mobile Phone Repair Training Online Course | REWA Academy iPhone 12 Pro Motherboard Repair Course This course mainly covers the workflow of different circuits and the troubleshooting process of iPhone 12 Pro. Take this course and you will know which circuit might be responsible for the issue and master the troubleshooting process of each circuit. iAsk Technical Support iAsk is for subscribers supported by REWA technician team and our partners. You can post your questions any time, we will feedback to you within 24 hours during the working days. iPhone/iPad/Android, any questions you can ask. iPhone Motherboard Repair Course Bundle 14 Courses If you decide to make repairing as your career, this more cost-effective iPhone complete course package from a beginner to an expert would be your choice. In this course package, you will learn everything about iPhone repair. All-in-One Course Bundle-iPhone with Android 16 Courses * One year for all the iPhone repair course; * Live course for the iPhone repair in December; *One year for android repair course. *One year access to the…

CellBotics | Repair Training Center | Official SquareTrade …

High impact Training for Cell Phone, Computer Repair and Business Courses. The Repair Training Experts What we do… We are certified… Return for FREE! Return for FREE! After classes still feeling you need more? If you take a course with CellBotics you can return for a refresher at $0 cost!! There are some requirments and stipulations but this is an amazing program! Please click below to read the details. BOOK CLASS NOW! Our Training Location… Our Blog… iPhone Repair Training CellBotics iPhone Repair Training   iPhones are the best in their class. It is no surprise that buying one forces you to part with a reasonable sum of money, but[…] Read more Repair Industry Expos CellBotics does its best to help the repair industry. In this post, we want to talk to you about ALL the different expos, what they are and why you would[…] Read more CellBotics © 2022 CellBotics built by…


CELL PHONE REPAIR TRAINING – ATA – Wireless Industry Service Excellence Authorized Training Administrators Are you looking for cell phone repair training from experts in the industry? Are you an independent technician looking to step up your certification to Level 2?WISE Authorized Training Administrators meets the requirements of WISE Certification to help students adequately prepare for the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam and Level 2 hands-on training. You will even have an opportunity to complete your certification onsite or virtually.To learn more, visit our partners below. CellBotics provides training for beginners entering the repair industry, and employers looking to train beginner staff in a virtual environment. They provide training LIVE In-Person in Atlanta, at your site, or online. CellBotics also provide training development for companies who need in-house training programs to meet WISE requirements. Visit to learn about training and/or WISE certification online. Training For Your Team or Company. If you’re part of…

10 Free Online Courses to learn Mobile Repairing

10 Free Online Courses to learn Mobile Repairing » A guide to free online courses Acquiring mobile repairing skills is one of the smartest decisions you can make—as a mobile phone business owner. And, besides that—being able to repair phones in your area is a great opportunity to start your own business—if you don’t have one already. Now, let me explain further… Mobile phones face several technical issues—some avoidable and others unavoidable; for example: battery damages, screen breakages, and more. And, when this happens…customers most certainly return the phones back to the sellers—who either send the phones to phone repair technicians; or back to the manufacturers—which is time wasting and inconveniencing. Without wasting much time, here are10 online courses that will teach you mobile repairing for free. Mobile Cell Phone Repairing This site offers a detailed free course and resourceful articles on mobile repairing. You’ll learn about: mobile phone repair tools, parts of a mobile phone—and more…which will give you a strong understanding of how mobile phones work, and their functions. Rewa technology This website…

Wild PCS Cell Phone Repair Training | Advanced 5 Day …

Home This class is an excellent introduction to cell phone and tablet repair. Students receive plenty of hands-on training to include cell phone disassembly and reassembly, ipad, water damage rejuvenation, intro to soldering, cold and hot swap soldering and microsoldering. You get plenty of resources and knowledge that are instrumental in being a successful repair technician. I was able to come home and replace my wife’s ipad screen, which broke into a thousand pieces and I thought it was destroyed. Thanks to the training I received at WildPCS, I stuck with it and the repair was a success. My knowledge of cell phone repair is infinitely higher thanks to the training I received from Frank Dalessandro. Money and time well spent. James Ruediger Sr. Manager – Technical Support Asurion

How to Learn Phone Repair | Training Options Compared

How to Learn Phone Repair | Training Options Compared – Articles by FlipsyWant to learn phone repair? It’s a $4 billion industry that will continue to grow as more people than ever own new and used phones. With commitment, you can learn phone repair skills that help you land a job, start a side gig or even launch a full-time business. Start today with our guide on how to learn phone repair.Phone repair schools (online & offline)These schools are dedicated exclusively to phone repair and generally do not prep you to take the CompTIA A+ or other certification exams. They offer their own certifications and teach you how to diagnose and repair a variety of mobile devices, including iPhones, Android phones and tablets.Most mobile phone repair institutions feature classroom environments with hands-on instruction, though some have both online and offline learning options. Fees typically cover everything you need, including parts and practice devices, though if you’re learning online you might need to purchase your own phone repair tools.In general, you can complete phone repair schools quicker than community college programs. Here are some examples to give you an idea of what to expect.Phone Repair SchoolFormatDurationCostWild…

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