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Topdresser Used equipment listings are free for TurfNet members ($195/yr). Make sure you’re signed in first.  Non-members/free/guest registrants: You may purchase used equipment listings for $95 each. You must first register for a free guest account. Return to this page and you’ll see a “Post an Ad” button.SELLERS: Beware any strange offers to purchase involving a vague initial inquiry (e.g. asking about “the item”), poor grammar/spelling, or payment via Western Union, money order, Paypal, Amazon gift cards or an escrow service.  Several of you have contacted us recently regarding potentially fraudulent inquiries from James Hood, VORA, Erich Vora and Michael Stewart. Some of these are sent from the used equipment listing on, which makes them appear to come from us ( Please just delete any inquiry that refers to “the item” and/or uses stilted English. It’s a scam. BUYERS: If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Please let us know of any suspect listings.

CR-8 Topdresser and Material Handler – Turfco

Golf Course Fairway Topdresser Material Handlers – Turfco – CR-8 Topdresser and Material Handler The CR-8 is the perfect machine for golf courses needing more capacity for materials but without a larger tractor. New larger capacity 2.0 cubic yard self-cleaning hopper easily handles wet or dry material. Hydraulic controls combined with Turfco’s patented WideSpin Technology give you greater control and wider range of applications. Hydraulics are controlled by a patented three-position switch with belt and spinner control and manually adjusted hydraulic speeds, all designed to give the operator maximum control over field operations. Request a demo Need Help? Receive a catalog, speak to a product expert or view a demonstration. Features Overview The CR-8 makes topdressing even easier by combining patented technology with built-in versatility. New hydraulic controls, combined with WideSpin™ Technology, give you greater control and a wider range of applications to deliver your most accurate spread from light to heavy, wet or dry, and up to 45-feet wide. Reduce the number of passes and decrease…

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Topdressers for Sale – Shop the #1 Topdressing Machine Spreaders Today!Versatile Topdressers for SaleA more vibrant turf starts with a more effective treatment. At Turftime Equipment, our topdressers for sale offer a superior method to help your lawn become healthier and improve overall soil conditions. Not only is topdressing a very affordable alternative to chemical treatments, but it’s also something that is easy do yourself! With just a few hours every month, your yard will look flawless.We are proud to be a Pennsylvania based company shipping our rollers, aerators and topdressers for sale nationwide. Learn more about our products or contact us today to speak with a specialist!TT-2410 / TT-2430 Topdresser View TT-3050 / TT-3065 Topdresser View FX650 Material Handler View Why You’ll Love Our Topdressing SpreadersWant healthier greens and a more luscious lawn? Let us introduce you to our high-quality, long-lasting topdressing spreaders. These magnificent machines are designed to conveniently spread nutrients, sand, and more on the surface of your residential or commercial turf.No matter your industry…

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