diy ninja warrior course for kids in 2023

How to build a Ninja Warrior course at home?

This includes: soft ground, no stumps, no metal railing, no cement, no gravel and at least 6 feet in each direction of soft grass to land on in the case of a fall. Dig the holes at least 1/3 of the height of the posts inches into the ground. to ensure stability when bearing the weight of the line.

How to build a backyard ninja warrior course?

Line height should be set to where your lowest (height) ninja line kit user’s feet are only 12 inches(31cm) maximum the ground as they hang from the lowest ninja line obstacle. As a starting height to set your line at, have the lowest (height) user reach out above their head as high as they can.

How do you make an obstacle course for kids?

If you have two trees that are each 3 feet in circumference and 26 feet apart from each other, the 36′ kit will work perfectly in your yard, leaving about 4 feet of line to tighten the ratchet. We have 36′, 56′, and 40′ lines as well as 15′ extensions that easily attach to any of the kits.

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