diy backyard ninja warrior course plans in 2023

How to build a backyard ninja warrior course?

This includes: soft ground, no stumps, no metal railing, no cement, no gravel and at least 6 feet in each direction of soft grass to land on in the case of a fall. Dig the holes at least 1/3 of the height of the posts inches into the ground. to ensure stability when bearing the weight of the line.

How to build a Ninja Warrior course at home?

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How to build backyard ninja course without trees?

Line height should be set to where your lowest (height) ninja line kit user’s feet are only 12 inches(31cm) maximum the ground as they hang from the lowest ninja line obstacle. As a starting height to set your line at, have the lowest (height) user reach out above their head as high as they can.

How do I make my own obstacle course?

How high should the line be? The line height should be set so that the shortest user’s feet hang 12″ from the ground while hanging from the monkey bars or gymnast rings.

How high should a ninja course be?

Dig a hole 3-4 feet deep, attach your line to an anchor (a log or short plank for example) and bury it in there. Then repeat on the other side and add two A-frames, plywood boxes or similar things to hold the line in the right height.

NinjaWarriorBlueprints.comNinja warrior Blueprints

NinjaWarriorBlueprints.comNinja warrior Blueprints Ever wondered how to build a backyard ninja warrior obstacle course but never been able to find any real DIY plans or tips? Yeah, that was us too.So we got busy and dreamed up what we really wanted to build for ourselves. Then we decided to document every detail along the way to help other Ninja Warrior fans who want to build their ninja warrior course too.These aren’t commercial-climbing-gym style plans designed for a huge warehouse and a huge budget.  Nope.  This is the opposite.  Something that anyone who wants to train at home can use to build in their own backyard with the most ninja warrior obstacles in the smallest footprint for the least amount of money.Have a  look around and help yourself to the free stuff you’ll find here.  If you like the free salmon ladder plans as much as we think you will, consider purchasing our expanded ninja warrior obstacle course blue prints to…

Pro-tips for building a Ninja backyard course

Pro-tips for building a Ninja backyard courseBuilding a ninja obstacle course in your backyard is an awesome way to stay fit and have fun at home! But there are A LOT of variables to consider. This is, by no means, a comprehensive list of all things to consider, but it’s a very good start. Please remember to train safely and if this is your first time building, please consider hiring a professional.The Bullet PointsOVER BUILD – whatever you think the strength should be for something, double or triple it then buy the material to suit.Buy extra. It costs more to run back to the store mid-job and costs more to make 2nd orders. Buy extra and if the store allows, return what you don’t use.Make things modular whenever possible – the course should be able to change regularly.Design first! Use a layout program like Stetchup ( or draw out your course in advance to think through all of the details including heights, sizes, and how to connect everything.Build for your audience. Keep in mind that most people are…

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59 Best Diy Ninja Warrior course ideas – Pinterest

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