best places to stay in greece in 2023

What part of Greece is the best to stay in?

Where to Stay in Greece ? 7 Best Areas for Tourists

  • Best of the best.
  • Athens.
  • Santorini.
  • Mykonos.
  • Corfu.
  • Crete.
  • Naxos.
  • Rhodes.

Where should I stay in Greece for the first time?

Santorini would make for a great vacation spot for first-timers or families due to its nature as a tourist hub. Areas within Peloponnese would be best for avoiding tourists as most gather around the major islands and cities. Athens is the one city that everyone must visit when in Greece

What is the prettiest part of Greece?

The most beautiful places in Greece: Santorini, Crete, and more

  • The Acropolis, Athens.
  • Santorini, Cycladic Islands.
  • Delphi, Phocis.
  • Hydra, Saronic Gulf Islands.
  • Crete.
  • Meteora, Thessaly.
  • Corfu, Ionian islands.
  • Mount Olympus, Thessaly.

Aug 8, 2022

What is the best month to go Greece?

The best time to visit is late spring (May) and fall (Sept-Oct). It’s pleasant, with comfortable weather, no rain, and smaller crowds (except during holiday weekends). Winter (late Oct through mid-March) is colder, with some rainfall.

How many days in Greece is enough?

Spend at least seven days in Greece, and you’ll be able to comfortably explore Athens plus one or two Greek islands?pair Mykonos and Santorini, for example, or stick to the culture and cuisine of Crete.

Where is Mamma Mia set in Greece?

The location in question, known as Kalokairi in the film, was the Greek island of Skopelos. One of the Sporades, it sits pretty off the eastern shore of the mainland and was largely known for its abundance of plums until, in summer 2007, Hollywood arrived.

Where to Stay in Greece → 7 Best Areas for Tourists

Where to Stay in Greece → 7 Best Areas Oh, Greece.. Home to the Acropolis, ancient history, beautiful beaches, olive trees, blue caves, a national marine park, and mouth-watering food… Get ready to have an unforgettable holiday! The capital city of Greece is Athens and it is the place where you will find the famous Acropolis and Temple of Poseidon. Athens is a must-see city in Greece in order to learn about Greek culture and history and is also a good place to start your island exploration as it has good flight and ferry connections to many islands. There are 6 island groups in Greece which are the Ionian Islands, the Cycladic islands, the Sporades, the Dodecanese Islands, the Saronic Gulf islands, and the Aegean Islands off the north coast. With so many options to choose from, I’m here to help you narrow it down. In this blog post on where to stay in Greece, I will talk about Athen plus…

Where to Stay in Greece: Complete Guide for 2022

Where to Stay in Greece: Complete Guide for 2023Who doesn’t dream of wandering the sun-drenched Greek Islands, or around the ancient Acropolis? Greece is one of the top travel destinations for those who are lovers of history, beautiful beaches, and natural beauty.Figuring out where exactly to go in Greece, and where to stay, now that’s the trickiest part of the whole shebang. With so many incredible local accommodation options, figuring out lodging in Greece can be a bear, or should I say… a gorgon? Regardless, I’m here to help you figure out where to stay in Greece as well as revealing the best Greek accommodation options out there!Whether you’re looking to visit the absolutely breathtaking cliff monasteries of Meteora or the iconic white and blue mountain villages of Santorini, I am here to hold your hand and pour you a shot of ouzo and reveal the best cities to stay in Greece!As I’ve lived over a year of my life in Greece, and have traveled extensively there, I have your back and your best…

Where to Stay in Greece: Best Places & Hotels – Touropia

Where to Stay in Greece: Best Places & HotelsOlive trees, charming tumbledown buildings, ancient history, beautiful coastlines, crystal clear waters, delicious food…it must be Greece. This easy-to-travel country is packed to the brim with things to see and do, making it interesting for history buffs and fun for hedonists alike. There really is something for everyone in this captivating country. This country enjoys a paradise-like warm climate in summer that brings sunseekers and holidaymakers to its many beaches. Many of the Greek islands in particular were some of the first destinations to be visited by those on package holidays, and continue to attract many thousands of visitors each year. Map of the best places to stay in Greece Because of this, Greece is practically bursting at the seams in any of its more popular cities. The more popular the destination, the more accommodation there is. This often (but not always) means good options for all budgets. Getting to and from Greece is easy, too, thanks to plenty of deals and budget airlines who operate routes to many Greek destinations daily. So what are you waiting for? Here…

10 Stunning Greek Island Hotels We're Obsessed With | Jetsetter

10 Stunning Hotels on the Greek Islands Celebrities and jetsetters flock to the fishing village of Elounda near Mirabello Bay, on the northern coast of Crete, for its quiet beauty, private beaches, and legendary hotels—including the one and only Blue Palace. Like its home island, this is a big hotel, with 251 rooms and bungalows—many of which come with private plunge pools looking out towards Spinalonga island and the Crete Sea. Everything blends perfectly into the sunny landscape, from the cream-and-wood guest room palette to the low-lying terraces and tiny manicured gardens filled with olive trees. As expected for a hotel of this caliber, the Thalassotherapy Spa is fabulous, as are its five restaurants, from the tavern-style Blue Door built in a stone fisherman’s house on the water to the steakhouse, Flame, set under a vaulted ceiling. Explore More: See hotel details | See all Elounda, Crete hotels

The Best Greek Islands to Visit, and Where to Stay on Them

Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Perfect Greek Islands Vacation First-timers often describe their trip to “the Greek islands,” as if they were one monolithic entity, easily popped into and out of and in between, like boutiques in a mall. It’s only once a visitor gets to know the country that the magnitude and diversity of the archipelagos becomes clear. The truth is, there are more than 200 inhabited Greek isles (and about 6,000 islands total). Each inhabited island has its own character, from the white-and-blue houses on the Cyclades islands to the lush, green Ionian islands to the castle-lined Dodecanese islands. Westend61/Getty Images Overall, Greece has six main island groups, plus a significant stand-alone: Crete. It’s generally easiest to travel between islands within one group than to archipelago-hop. In this guide, we’ll break down the best Greek islands to visit, including what each island group is known for, and how to travel…

The 10 Best Resort Hotels in Greece – Travel + Leisure

The 10 Best Resorts in Greece The best resorts in Greece, according to Travel + Leisure readers, maximize their locations to offer unspoiled sunsets and sea views. Updated on October 13, 2022 We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process. If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. The Greek Islands have a way of captivating travelers from the moment they disembark the ferry — so much so that many visitors choose to return to the archipelago repeatedly over the years. The only thing that can make this vacation spot even better is booking a stay in one of the best resorts in Greece. Every year for our World’s Best Awards survey, T+L asks readers to weigh in on travel experiences around the globe — to share their opinions on the top hotels, resorts, cities, islands, cruise ships, spas, airlines, and more. Hotels (including…

25 of the best places to stay in Greece and the Greek islands

25 of the best places to stay in Greece and the Greek islandsPrices are for one night in mid-July unless stated otherwiseAthens and PeloponneseAsomaton, AthensThis new boutique-art hotel is in a listed building and Greek-American artist Philip Tsiaras has curated a selection of his paintings for each of the 19 rooms. It’s close to the ancient Kerameikos cemetery, a hammam, the marble-hewn synagogue of Beth Shalom, and the Museum of Islamic Art. The Acropolis Terrace has views over the ancient landmark. There is an indoor pool, too. The two-course breakfast menu features eggs “kayana” (with tomatoes) and Nutella pancakes. Doubles from €129 B&B, asomaton.comAthens4In a peaceful, pedestrianised sidestreet near Monastiraki metro, this is a no-frills hotel. There’s no reception but a multifunctional lobby, where staff roam with tablets to check guests in and out; and it doubles as a breakfast room. The patterned wallpaper decor nods to its history as a cloth factory, while sunshine yellows, creams and light blues make the 23 bedrooms appear bright and large. They’re surprisingly…

Best places to stay in Greece | The Hotel Guru

Best places to stay in Greece Best Hotels in Greece About Greece Greece’s turquoise seas and beautiful craggy islands dotted with pretty whitewashed villages are an undeniable draw. But it is the grace of the ruins, elegantly dilapidating under clear sunny skies and the wonderful way history seems so vibrantly alive in the Greek culture that will have you coming back again and again. Food, art and hospitality are extremely important in Greek culture, and our Guru’s recommendations for the best places to stay in Greece bring you the best of this. From sleek beachside hotels, and resorts with every facility and activity you can imaging through to charming B&Bs there is something for everyone here whether you are on a romantic escape or a family break. The Capital If you visited Athens before the Olympics in 2004, then you’ll find it a very different city now. The historic centre, with cars banished, is more stunning than ever. The regeneration that happened in the lead up to the games hasn’t stopped. It is Europe’s oldest city, but…

6 Best Greek Islands – Beaches, Nightlife, Honeymoon, Hiking

6 Best Greek Islands – Beaches, Nightlife, Honeymoon, Hiking 1. Santorini My favorite island in Greece is Santorini. If you can only visit one island make it Santorini. Loaded with great boat tours, wine tours, fantastic hotels, amazing restaurants, and awesome things to do. Along with Crete, Santorini is the best island in Greece in the winter and shoulder seasons when it still has plenty to do. Oia in Santorini. Ammoudi Bay for fresh seafood and incredible sunset views. 2. Mykonos The best nightlife and clubbing in Greece is found on Mykonos. Also has great beaches and a surprisingly charming capital village, Mykonos Town. Ornos is one of my favorite beaches in Greece. Little Venice in Mykonos Town. Filled with small restaurants and trendy clubs. 3. Crete The largest Greek island and rich with beaches, historical sites, hikes, traditional villages, small cities, and great tours. So big that if you only have a week it’s good to limit yourself to only this island. If you have two weeks it makes a great pair with Santorini. Chania is the most charming town on Crete and a great base for…

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