why is there no caffeine free diet coke in 2023

Did Coke quit making caffeine free Coke?

caffeine-free Diet Coke has not been discontinued. Like many companies, we are seeing greater demand for products consumed at home, and we are taking measures to adapt to the demand

Is Caffeine Free Diet Coke available?

Caffeine-free Diet Coke is the original great taste of Diet Coke, with no caffeine. A great choice for an afternoon or evening beverage. With Diet Coke naturally flavored feisty cherry and ginger lime, there’s a whole flavor adventure waiting for you.

Is Coca-Cola discontinuing Diet Coke?

There’s no need to worry about your go-to diet soda disappearing. While companies may be changing boxes, marketing and general branding, diet sodas will still be available, just under a different name. And Diet Coke isn’t going anywhere soon! Psst: Here’s why the Coca-Cola logo is red

Does caffeine Free Coke Zero still exist?

Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar Caffeine Free | Coca-Cola® Enjoy the crisp and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola with no caffeine and no sugar. Enjoy Caffeine Free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s crisp, delicious taste with meals, on the go, or to share.

Why is there no caffeine free Diet Coke 2022?

As of August 2022, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola is not readily available in stores. It has not been readily available since 2020. The explanation given by various non-official sources is that due to a shortage of aluminum cans due to COVID-19 related issues, less popular products are in short supply.

Is there a Diet Coke shortage 2022?

Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said Wednesday he expects to see sporadic shortages on grocery shelves through 2022. Like other food and beverage companies, Coca-Cola is dealing with widespread supply chain disruption and higher commodity costs.

What is the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke caffeine free?

Coke Zero has less caffeine than Diet Coke. It also uses an additional sweetener, acesulfame potassium, that Diet Coke doesn’t. Overall, their ingredient contents and nutritional profiles are similar.

What happened to Caffeine Free Coke? Discontinued?

What happened to Caffeine Free Coke? Discontinued? | Frugal Cooking You are here because you’re asking why you can’t find Caffeine Free Coke in 2020. Stores have sold out, and online retailers like Amazon and Walmart are out of stock. You’re wondering, do they still make Caffeine Free Coke?!?! [ Updated 12/27/2020 ] Caffeine Free Coke has not been permanently discontinued. The COVID-19 crisis has caused a shortage in aluminum cans, which caused Coca-Cola to temporarily stop producing Caffeine Free Coke. Most other beverage manufacturers have also limited less popular drins until the shortage is resolved. So, take a deep breath and relax. Caffeine Free Coke will be back, but probably not until at least mid-2021. 😢 Where can I find Caffeine Free Coke? Right now, I haven’t been able to find any place that has cans. A few retailers say they have 2L bottles in stock but supplies seem very limited. Fortunately, cans will likely return but not until at least mid-2021….

Good Luck Finding Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola Right Now

Good Luck Finding Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola Right Now The stimulant-free cola appears to be in short supply. Published on November 10, 2020 Bad news for cola fans hoping to sleep their way through the rest of 2020. America is apparently facing a caffeine-free cola shortage—and it’s unclear when non-buzz-worthy products like Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola may return to their former glory. Writing for The Takeout last week, self-proclaimed seasonal soda addict Nick Leggin explained that he went on his annual search for his cola of choice—Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola—only to find empty shelves everywhere he turned. After disappointment at his favorite local grocery store, the Illinois resident was also unable to score any stimulant-free goodies at Walmart, Target, and Jewel-Osco. Apparently, it wasn’t just bad luck, a second-hand account from a Coke delivery driver suggested that Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola hadn’t been sent out for “months.” Alamy Stock Photo “We and our retail partners are doing what we can to make sure store shelves are stocked with the products people want. However, the increased demand on aluminum has presented a challenge at times for us and our partners. We are implementing contingency plans as best…

Caffeine Free Diet Coke

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Why Is There A Shortage Of Caffeine Free Pepsi? (Near Me …

Why Is There A Shortage Of Caffeine Free Pepsi? (Near Me Option) Caffeinated drinks are excellent for increasing your energy and focus. However, too much can make you jittery, so sometimes you need to enjoy caffeine-free versions of your favorite soft drink. Many soda lovers ask if that is Pepsi caffeine free, and the answer is yes, they make caffeine-free versions. Caffeine-free Pepsi is an excellent option for a daily diet. But, you may have noticed a shortage of caffeine-free Pepsi and wondered why that is… As a whole, the caffeine-free diet Pepsi shortage is a result of the aluminum shortage, which is said to have been caused by the outbreak of Covid-19-related issues in early 2020. As a result, there is a shortage of not only cans of caffeine-free Pepsi but also many other sodas and aluminum-related products. Pepsi caffeine free cannot be easy to find in stores, but there are many good places to buy decaf Pepsi at a reasonable price online. Apart from this, there is also the caffeine-free diet coke shortage, making it hard for people to buy it. If you’re interested in whether…

Elon Musk prefers caffeine-free Diet Coke over the original …

Billionaire Elon Musk prefers caffeine-free Diet Coke over the original—here’s whyElon Musk may have an $180 billion fortune, but one of his favorite drinks costs less than $1 a pop.In a tweet posted early Monday morning, the 51-year-old Twitter CEO shared a photo of his bedside table which, along with two replica guns, a water bottle and a large number of ring stains, also included four cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke.Musk wasn’t always partial to the caffeine-free version of the drink, which comes in a gold can rather than the classic silver. In fact, the entrepreneur used to drink eight cans a day — on top of his coffee intake — as recently as 2007. A can of Diet Coke has 46mg of caffeine, meaning Musk was consuming at least 368mg of caffeine each day from his soda intake alone. One can of Red Bull, in comparison, has 80mg of caffeine.”I got so freaking jacked that I seriously started to feel like I was losing my peripheral vision,” he said in an interview with Inc at the time. “Now, the office has caffeine-free Diet Coke.”But that’s not to say Musk doesn’t still enjoy…

Caffeine-Free Diet Coke Is for Psychos – Gawker

Caffeine-Free Diet Coke Is for PsychosAnyone familiar with the stable of Coca-Cola sodas knows that there is a hierarchy to how satisfying each product is. At the top of the pyramid is full-strength Coke from a fountain, specifically one located in a McDonald’s. Following that is Diet Coke, either from the aforementioned McDonald’s fountain or in a freezing cold can. Towards the bottom of this list are two-liter bottles of any Coke product, all of the weird Diet Coke flavors (except lime), and the scary zero-sugar Coke energy drinks. Then there are several tiers of shit, maggots, and scum. And finally, at the absolute bottom, there’s caffeine-free Diet Coke.Caffeine-free Diet Coke is what helicopter parents give their children when they think Sprite is too sugary and LaCroix is too spicy. It is for old people who eat dinner at 4 p.m. and barely tip their server. It is for boomers…

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free, 12 oz (pack of 12)

Amazon.com : Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Caffeine Free, 12 oz (pack of 12) : Grocery & Gourmet Food crisp Each sip serves up the crisp taste you expect with zero caffeine, zero sugar and zero calories. whenever you need it. reliable It’s been the real deal since 1982. that means whenever you grab a can, glass, or bottle, you know it’s the one you love. give your taste buds what they really want. For Any Occasion Whether you’re looking for ice-cold refreshment to start your day or an afternoon flavor boost, Diet Coke has your back. it’s perky. and it pairs well with that gourmet vegan wrap you’re about to order, a cheeseburger, or pretty much anything.

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