why does my alexa have a red ring in 2023

red ring means and how to fix it

What an Alexa red ring means and how to fix it | Digital Trends We’re conditioned to associate a red ring on our devices as bad news. If you suddenly see one on your Alexa device like an Echo, it’s easy to start worrying. It’s even worse when you try to use Alexa but find that the voice assistant isn’t responding as it should. Don’t worry! You didn’t break your smart device. Echo devices use their indicator rings to relay many types of information. In this particular case, a red ring isn’t as bad as you might think. With a few basic steps, you can fix it fast. Let’s jump into the details. via Reddit/u/Razor512 Why does my Alexa have a red ring?For many Echo devices, a red ring simply means the microphone has been turned off. The device can no longer pick up voices, including wake words and voice commands, so the Echo will also stop responding when the red light is on. Sometimes this no-microphone mode is enabled on purpose for privacy reasons; other times, it can happen by accident, especially when you move around an Echo device. Other devices where Alexa is built-in…

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