ups personal vehicle driver job description in 2023

What is the job description for a UPS driver?

UPS Package Driver delivers and picks up packages to and from residential and/or commercial properties. Performs in a physical, fast-paced environment involving driving, continual lifting, lowering, and carrying packages. Practices safe transportation methods while traveling to and from destinations

Does UPS pay mileage for personal vehicle drivers?

How much are Personal Vehicle Drivers paid? PVD wages typically start at $21/hour and are paid weekly. PVDs also receive a mileage reimbursement and a phone stipend is available in some locations.

How long is UPS Personal Driver Orientation?

five to

What should a UPS driver put on a resume?

Those looking to secure an Ups Driver position should be able to demonstrate the following skills: physical strength, customer service orientation, the ability to work long hours, attention to details, fast response to unexpected situations, and communication.

What is the best job to have at UPS?

Highest Paying Jobs At UPS

Some of the job titles with high salaries at UPS are account executive, operations management specialist, manager, and delivery driver. A typical account executive salary at UPS is $81,720. Some of the other roles at UPS are cashier and warehouse worker.

What is top pay for UPS driver?

The top pay for a UPS driver is just over $80,000 per year.

That’s because the average pay for a UPS driver is $56,146, or 30% less than the highest possible income.

Is it better to drive for UPS or FedEx?

Though UPS drivers earn more, they also perform deliveries in personal vehicles and cover their own fuel and maintenance costs. If your vehicle is a gas-guzzler or not reliable, you may net more profit driving for FedEx due to reduced maintenance costs.

Is UPS Personal Vehicle Driver Flexible?

UPS offers flexible work schedules and delivery routes for its personal vehicle drivers. Personal vehicle drivers pick up their required packages from the UPS shipping facility in their own personal vehicles.

What shoes do UPS drivers wear?

Shoes or boots must be black or brown and polishable. They must have sturdy uppers made of leather, man-made leather or similar protective material, provide good support and have non-slip soles.

Are you paid for UPS orientation?

You need to inform your supervisor of your hours in the beginning. Yes you will be paid for any training for the position you are pursuing. There’s no training for package handlers. Yes, there is a week long training which you watch movies about the company and work to be done.

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UPS Driver Job Description, Duties, Salary & More | Job Descriptions WIKIIf you are looking for a job with excellent starting pay and impressive benefits, you may want to consider a career as a UPS driver. This position is best for individuals who thrive in a deadline driven environment and who prefer a more physical job. In our article, we will be covering the main job duties of the UPS driver job description and several other important factors. UPS drivers must be able to navigate their designated routes quickly and efficiently to ensure timely deliveries of customer’s packages. You will be responsible for ensuring that shipments arrive safely to customers and that appropriate signature requirements are being met. With a great starting pay and good benefits, this is an excellent position to consider. UPS Driver Job Duties The main focus of UPS drivers is to deliver customer packages in as efficient a manner as possible. However, safety is also key for this position and drivers have to maintain a clean driving record at all times. In addition, drivers are required to…

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UPS – Personal Vehicle Driver | Chicago Delivery Job

UPS – Personal Vehicle Driver | Chicago Delivery Job Manufacturing & TDL Apply now Location Various Chicagoland Locations Pay Rate Starting at $20.00/hour + $0.62/mile (hourly pay varies per location) Education No Diploma Required Benefits UPS boasts a flexible, team-oriented, and purpose-driven environment. Their culture is focused on growth, and they believe in promoting from within. A recent addition to our employer network, UPS has removed application barriers by not requiring an interview for candidates. They work closely with Skills to increase job opportunities and economic mobility for local jobseekers. Join their inclusive team and apply for Personal Vehicle Driver roles today. Job Highlights Use personal vehicle to deliver packages across Chicagoland Interact frequently with customers on delivery route Work with a driver helper throughout the day to deliver packages This is a seasonal role that will be available through mid-January Candidate Profile Must be at least 21 years old Must have a valid driver’s license and personal vehicle with…

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