how to factory reset hp laptop in 2023

How do I wipe my HP laptop clean and start over?


  1. Click on the Start menu.
  2. Choose ?Settings.?
  3. Then choose ?Update and Security.?
  4. From there, select ?Recovery? from the left panel within the window.
  5. You will then see three options available: …
  6. Click on the ?Get started? button under ?Reset this PC.?

Jan 3, 2019

How do I manually factory reset my laptop?

Factory reset a Windows laptop Go to Settings > System > Recovery. At the top of the window, you’ll see Reset this PC. Click on Get Started and select Remove Everything from the box that appears. From there, you can select to reinstall Windows from the local drive or download it from the cloud

How do I Reset my HP laptop to factory settings from BIOS?

HP Notebooks PCs – Restoring Defaults in BIOS

  1. Backup and save important information on your computer, and then turn off the computer.
  2. Turn on the computer, and then click F10, until the BIOS opens.
  3. Under the Main tab, use the up and down arrow keys to select Restore Defaults. …
  4. Select Yes.

How do I factory reset my HP laptop without F11?

The only way to factory reset the notebook if the F11 prompt doesn’t work would be to order W8 recovery media for your specific model PC from HP. Now, if you want to clean install W8. 1, you can do that using the W8 product key in your notebook’s BIOS

Does a factory reset completely wipe a laptop?

During the factory resetting process, your PC’s hard drive is completely erased and you lose any business, financial and personal files that may be present on the computer. Once the resetting process starts, you cannot interrupt it.

What keys do I press to factory reset my laptop?

Answer: Press the ”F11” or ”F12” key when you restart the system. Select the option to reset to factory settings. The system will then boot itself with restored factory settings.

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How to Factory Reset a Windows LaptopAlmost every computer experiences performance issues at some point. Luckily, there are simple ways that you can resolve them without needing to contact tech support. One of these ways is performing a factory reset on your computer so you can remove any malware, increase its speed, or get it ready for a new user.First, you need to identify your operating system and the steps required to reset your laptop. An OS besides Windows may require different steps in order to accomplish a full factory reset, and it’s imperative to know which you are using before you begin the process.Windows 10 has made performing a factory reset a bit different from the previous versions of the Microsoft OS. It is much easier to do and provides a simpler process for those who may be implementing a reset for the first time. For other versions of Windows, it can be slightly more complicated and require system backups.Here is a guide to help you easily perform a reset so you can restore…

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Reset HP Laptop: How To Hard Reset/Factory Reset Your HP By Sarah | Follow | Last Updated August 30, 2022 When you’re encountering some problems you can’t fix, resetting PC worth a try. It is proved to be very useful in repairing computer (solving system issues). This post provided by MiniTool Solution will introduce 3 ways to help people reset their HP laptop. You should follow these methods and steps carefully to avoid mistakes.On This Page :Reset HP Laptop in 3 Different WaysReset HP Laptop in 3 Different Ways Reset PC means to clear information and configuration on your computer. This is very helpful in fixing problems when your computer isn’t working well. If you want to reset HP laptop in order to solve various system issues, but don’t know how, you should follow the guide provided in the following content. Tip: Please get a data recovery tool at hand if you’re worrying about the valuable data saved on your HP laptop. Free Download Factory Reset HP Laptop Factory reset is a useful method for restoring any electronic devices to the original state (factory settings). How to factory reset HP laptop? It…

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How to factory reset an HP laptop if you’re planning to sell it or experiencing technical problems You can factory reset an HP laptop using Windows Settings to revert the laptop to its original state. You can choose whether you want the reset to wipe out all personal files or only to reset Windows itself.  If you can’t boot your HP laptop, you can also reset it using Windows Recovery in Safe Mode. You won’t need to factory reset your HP laptop often, but it’s a good thing to do when you plan to sell or give away your laptop, or when you have especially difficult technical problems.That’s because a factory reset will revert your laptop back to the state it was in when you took it out of the box for the first time (though you generally have the option to keep your files and only reset Windows). These days you can reset any laptop, including HP models, using the standard reset procedure in Windows 10. See our overview guide on how to reset any Windows 10 computer for more information. How to keep your Windows drivers up to date to avoid a factory reset To…

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How to factory reset an HP laptop | Digital Trends Factory resetting any laptop is an unnerving prospect, but sometimes it’s the only effective option left to perform a clean reset to get rid of any lingering technical issues. If you’re at the stage where you need to reset an HP laptop for any number of reasons, then this guide will walk you through the process, step by step. How to factory reset an HP laptop on Windows 10 Step 1: Open the Settings window on your Windows 10 laptop by pressing Windows Key + I. Step 2: Select the Update and security option, and then select Recovery. Step 3: For a clean reset of the HP laptop where it goes back to its factory setting, select Get started situated below the Reset this PC section. Step 4: The next step involves choosing whether you want the files contained within your system to remain on the device after the reset is performed. Select Keep my files to go ahead with this particular option. You can also choose from Change settings after clicking this…

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How to Reset HP Laptop to Factory Settings Your HP laptop has probably served as a faithful companion. It’s likely that you’ve personalized your desktop just the way you like it, and installed every application you might ever have needed. There may come a time, however, when you find it necessary to set your laptop back to its original factory settings. Reasons to Reset a Laptop Before we get to how to reset HP laptop to factory settings, you should consider why you would do so in the first place. Perhaps the machine hasn’t been running as smoothly as it once did. There could also be conflicts that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Still, you might have decided to repurpose your laptop even give it away or sell it. All of these can be valid reasons to do a factory reset. Factory Reset HP Laptop In Windows Assuming there isn’t an issue that keeps you from logging into Windows, this can be a straight-forward (if not quick) solution. Bring up the Option to Reset This PC You…

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Reset HP Laptop Windows 10 to Factory Settings without Password “I bought one used HP laptop with Windows 10. I want to restore it to factory settings, but it is password protected. I have no clue what the password is. How can I restore HP laptop to factory settings without password?” There are several options to reset HP laptop to factory defaults, such as using a recovery disc or using the HP Recovery Manager. To perform the restore, you might be asked for a Windows administrator password. Now the problem is, if you don’t know the password or if you have forgotten the password, how can you go on the HP laptop factory reset? Here in this post, I will show you how to factory reset HP laptop Windows 10 without a password. You have two options. Option 1: Factory reset HP laptop after the password is removed Option 2: Factory reset HP laptop without logging in Tips: Before you start to restore HP laptop to factory settings, make sure the keyboard, mouse, and power supply are…

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Top 2 Ways to Reset an HP Laptop Windows 10 without Password How to Reset an HP Laptop on Windows 10 to Factory Defaults without Password? Sometimes the Windows 10 system of your HP ENVY, Pavalaptop, Elitebook, Essential, or Spectre laptop may be corrupted or infected by virus, or you have a damaged hard drive, in which case you may be asked to provide the administrator password before repairing your computer through factory resetting. How would you bypass the system restriction to restore your HP computer to factory defaults when you happen to have the login password lost or forgotten, or the computer is a second-handed one and it’s been locked by password? This article will introduce two simple ways to you to factory restore you HP laptop or desktop on Windows 10 without knowing the password. Way 1: Factory Reset Password-protected HP Laptop Windows 10 with Troubleshoot Function While on Windows 7, the system requests a login password input to enable users to obtain access or factory reset their computers, on Windows 8/8.1/10, users can accomplish this without typing in the…

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